Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is one treatment modality that often helps to relieve chronic leg, arm, neck, or back pain. Wires attached to a battery send low-power electrical impulses to areas of your spinal cord. These impulses stimulate areas of the spinal cord that distract the pain signals.

For the appropriate patient, Dr. Yun first preforms a temporary implant of the spinal cord stimulator wires. You will be able to ‘test drive’ the device for several days.

If the temporary implant is successful, Dr. Yun will implant the wires and battery just under your skin.

While SCS will not address the underlying cause of your pain, it can be very helpful in reducing your pain symptoms. SCS is often used when conservative measures or spine surgery have failed to control pain adequately. This treatment may be an alternative to opioid medications and repeat spine surgery.

SCS does not require open back surgery for implantation of the battery and wires. Also, if SCS is unsuccessful, the device can easily be removed with minor surgery.

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